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Stan Meyer Cell with 6x2 Tubes

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Stan Meyer Cell 6x2 is a Water Fuel cell 
based on Stanley Meyer's design patents. FREE SHIPPING.

Unleash the Power of Hydrogen:

Explore Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell for Efficient Water Electrolysis!

Attention students, hobbyists, researchers, and the scientific community! Are you on a quest to discover the most efficient method of producing hydrogen through water electrolysis? Look no further! Dive into the world of Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell, a revolutionary innovation that has captivated the minds of enthusiasts and experts alike. Explore the intricate designs, patents, experiments, and witness the awe-inspiring demonstrations of buggies running on water. Get ready to witness the future of hydrogen technology!

Ignite Your Curiosity:

Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell is your gateway to innovation. With the power of electrolysis, this remarkable invention extracts hydrogen from water with unmatched efficiency, propelling us towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Fuel your curiosity and quench your thirst for knowledge as you delve into the realm of clean and efficient energy production. Join a vibrant community of forward-thinking individuals who are reshaping the future of hydrogen-based technologies.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities:

Imagine the potential within your reach. By understanding the intricacies of Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell, you gain the knowledge to shape a sustainable and eco-friendly world. Captivate the scientific community with groundbreaking research or develop your own innovative applications. The replication of the Water Fuel Cell is your key to unlocking endless possibilities.

Take Action Now:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be at the forefront of hydrogen production. Visit our website to access comprehensive information about Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell designs, patents, experiments, and captivating demonstrations of vehicles running on water. Our platform offers an extensive collection of resources to fuel your curiosity and empower your exploration. Take the next step towards revolutionizing energy production by ordering your replication of the Water Fuel Cell today.

Join the ranks of passionate individuals committed to unlocking the secrets of water electrolysis. Discover the immense potential of Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell and position yourself as a pioneer in the field. Order your Water Fuel Cell replication now and embark on a journey of innovation, discovery, and a greener future.

Hers is a brief on Stanley Meyer Water Fuel Cell , offered by us.  

Stan Meyer Water Fuel cell based on Stanley Meyer's design patents.

The cell uses 6 pairs of co-centric Tube electrodes made with special grade of Steel alloy. Stan Meyer Water Fuel Cell is based on Stanley Meyer's design to efficiently generate HHO gas which is also known as Brown's gas, OxyHydrogen gas or Hydroxy Gas.

It is made of a high grade plexiglass/ Acrylic transparent plastics enclosure, 6 pairs (12 nos) of tubes with active electrode length of 6" and long-life swivel push in fittings.


• Input: 12VDC

• Customizable to Series / Parallel connection Cell.

• No. of Tubes: 6 pairs (12 nos) of Inner/Outer tubes.

• Cell Height: 12"

• Electrode Material: Specially treated Steel Tubes

• Guides: Specially designed High strength Plastics

• Electrical terminals with wing nuts.

• Gas connections with Push On type Elbow

• Cell runs cool even after hours of operation.

Stanley Meyer is the most successful researcher who demonstrated use of Water Fuel Cell technology to run his car only on water.

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Stanley Meyer Patent US234936961

Stanley Meyer Patent - Method for production of a Fuel Gas - June 16, 1988

Download (444.89k)

WFC 2006 Replication Design

Replication of Stanley Meyer WFC (Water Fuel Cell) describing cell design, electronics power supply and production method for water fuel gas.

Download (220.84k)

Aquawelder AW300 User Manual

Aquawelder AW300 User Manual

Download (209.7k)

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