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Hydrogen / HHO / OxyHydrogen kits are considered as incomplete, in the sense that depending on the end use that manufacturer of the final system, must take into account the requirements of each applicable directive and put the CE mark. As such, we have no control over quality of installation, use or disposal of electrolytes, maintenance, etc. and therefore cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage caused as a result of installation, use or misuse in a vehicle, personal property, or injury to person or persons resulting from such installation and experimentation. Specifically: Modification to the emission system of any automobile could greatly affect the manufacturer's warranty. Violation of Emission rules and regulation are not voided with proof of increased fuel economy and reduced emissions. Check with your local authorities if unsure.

Any of the techniques and methods discussed and described are in fact hazardous and involve risk of personal injury and property loss. The absence of a potential hazards list in any inherent article does not suggest that a proposed technique is without risk and is not to be taken otherwise. Use our hydrogen kits, installation manuals and the information at your own risk. Specifically: Hydroxy gas, also known as hho gas consists of a highly volatile, nearly perfect, explosive combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen. In sufficient volumes, and If handled carelessly, HHO can become dangerous. Point of fact, HHO should be treated with at least as much respect as one would treat gasoline, kerosene or other explosive material.

Disclaimer  & Safety

NEVER expose the cell near fire or smoke, since hydrogen is flammable gas.

NEVER bring electrolyte, in contact with skin or eyes because it is highly toxic.