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Aquawelder Brazing Machine
  • Aquawelder - welding and brazing machine
  • Aquawelder Brazing Machine

Aquawelder Brazing Machine - AW3000

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Aquawelder - welding and brazing machine

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Aquawelder - Welding and Brazing machine


AquaWelder Welding and brazing Torch runs on water and electricity only!

It produces a stable hydrogen-oxygen gas, with many unique properties. 

The generator provides a superior gas flame at temperature upto 3000 oC suitable for most conventional welding, brazing, soldering and metal cutting operations. 


It is less expensive than acetylene gas.

Less Risk of Accident - HHO Gas is light and dissipates rapidly into the atmosphere compared to acetylene, which is dense and seeks ground level.

Hydroxy Gas produces zero pollution when burning, while Acetylene fuel pollute the environment.

AquaWelder can be used for exotic cutting, brazing, and fusing applications and offer superior performance over conventional methods and processes. 

Energy directed, not dispersed – Implosion Pinpoint flame cutting is precise and quick without slag, edge rollover.

It burns cleaner than fossil fuel and emits steam only. 

No toxic fumes and NO generation of carbon based emissions.

On site production of HHO gas when machine is powered on. 


- Cost & Economy: OxyHydrogen gas is generator consumes  only electricity and pure water. The cost savings of using OxyHydrogen is 40% compared with LPG, Propane and Acetylene fuel.

- Energy Efficiency:  ~30% less energy is consumed when compared with LPG, Propane, and Acetylene fuel.

- High Energy output: OxyHydrogen flame results from the combustion of Hydrogen and Oxygen which is supplied premixed by the machine in the perfect proportion. Like LPG, Propane and Acetylene, it has NO Carbon to hence the flame is precise and very little heat loss occurs making the flame highly efficient. The calorifica value of 1kg hydrogen is 34000 Kcal/Kg or 141.9 MJ/Kg which is 3 times that of Acetylene 49.9 MJ/Kg and LPG 46.1 MJ/kg.

- High Temperature - OxyHydrogen flame’s temperature is up 3000 degrees C, which is much higher than conventional gas like LPG, Propane and Acetylene. This improves the working / process efficinecy and helps in costs savings.

- Maximum Safety - Hydrogen in the OxyHydrogen Gas is the lightest element on the earth. It dissipates rapidly into the atmosphere compared to acetylene, LPG or Propane which is heavy and gets deposited at ground level in case of a leak.

- Multiple safety devices, including overheating and in-sufficient water cut-off switches, will automatically turn the power off to ensure the safety of both the equipment and the user.

- Healthier Working Environment - OxyHydrogen flame gives ZERO toxic fumes and ZERO carbon based emissions. Emissions by LPG, Propane and Acetylene gases is a serious health hazard to users.

- Environmentally Friendly : OxyHydrogen produces ZERO pollution while burning, whereas LPG, Propane and Acetylene gases generates Carbon emissions. 

Gas output : 1000 LPH 

We have a range of products for application in jewellery making to brazing and large scale industrial application.

Specifications, features and look of the machine are indicative only. It may change due to continuous research and up-gradation at our end.


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