Multi-channel Hydrogen Leakage Monitor System

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Multi-channel Hydrogen Leakage Monitor System.

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multi-channel hydrogen leakage monitor system consists of monitor host and sensor unit. It’s used to monitor the content of hydrogen within the lower limit of hydrogen-cooled generator, with a maximum 16 sensing units and centralized control for multi-point.

This system adopts high-performance sensors and the power is supplied by the monitor host. It transforms the gas concentration signals into the electrical signals which would be sent to the host.

The data of multi-channel hydrogen concentration and alarm shall be directly displayed on large-screen LCD. When the concentration of hydrogen reaches the preset alarm value, the system will send an alarm signal reminding staff to take security measures timely for safety production.

Electrochemical sensor, only responds to the measured hydrogen, without influence by other gases, good selectivity, quick response and short recovery time According to the location of the different measuring points,the sampling is designed specifically for the generator enclosed bus, neutral point, oil return system at gas and exterior end and generator stator cooling water tank.

The hydrogen-permeable membrane in the air chamber of probe can effectively isolate the oil, water, nitrogen gas and against aging. It can be long used without mechanical stress. This system does not transfer the explosive and flammable gases, so as to avoid creating a new risk.

Compact structure, easy to install, can display directly the hydrogen concentration of measured point. The function of on-line monitoring is stable, maintenance on-site is low.

To inquire for prices pl write to or

Mobile/ WhatsApp +919427602297