Bike Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine CC01

Tax included 2-3 weeks

HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine for Car, Tractor, Bus, Truck with engine size from 1000 cc to 5000cc.


HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine is designed for Car, Tractor, Bus and Truckwith engine displacement size from 1000cc (1 Ltr) to 5000cc (5 Ltr). 

HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine produces hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen gas (O2), which is electrolyzed from water. H2 and O2 will be sent into engine through vacuum pipe or air intake. H2 gas will run into the surface of carbon deposit, and combine with carbon to form hydrocarbon.Hydrocarbon will make combustion with O2 when the ignition of spark plug, then, carbon deposit will be removed.


  • Remove carbon deposits, and lowers emissions.

  • Improves engine power and torque.

  • Engines run smoother. No friction and noise.

  • Improves Combustion efficiency.

  • Longer engine life.


  • Suitable for Engine size 1000cc to 5000cc