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Flashback Arrestor for OxyHydrogen/ HHO
  • Flashback Arrestor for OxyHydrogen/ HHO

Flashback Arrestor HyFA03

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Flashback Arrestor to stop the Hydrogen flame going backwards. 



Flashback Arrestor is an essential safety device for using hydrogen or OxyHydrogen or HHO gas in real life applications. 
Hydrogen has a very unique property -  its flame speed is very high meaning in case of flashback the fire can travel backwards very fast. I OxyHydrogen or HHO gas application, after producing hydrogen and oxygen from water, they are trasnported to the torch or delivery point where it is ignited. 
If the system doesnot maintain enough positive pressure to make a constant flame, the flame goes backards and make a bigger blast causing severe damage and accident. 
This should be prevented. And, the first line of protection to stop the Hydrogen flame going backwards is using a Flashback Arrestor. 
Hydroxy range of flashback arrestors are made from quality materials and knowledge gained from years of working with Hydrogen. 
Model FA03 is designed for upto 3 LPM of gas flow at room temperature and pressure. 

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upto 3 LPM