DC Gated Pulse Generator

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DC Gated Pulse Generator (PWM) is a modified replication of Stan Meyer's and Dave Lawton's Pulsing Circuit. This tool gives you complete freedom while experimenting with Water Fuel Cell research. 


DC Gated Pulse Generator (PWM) model D1210500C is a modified replication of Stan Meyer's and Dave Lawton's Pulsing Circuit. It is dual frequency PWM, specially designed for advanced electrolysis of water. 

It takes 12VDC input (from a car's battery) and outputs 12VDC, 10A max, Square wave pulsed current. It allows to generate a train of pulses by introducing pulses at two different frequencies.

Frequency and duty cycle of output is variable making it convenient to adjust for the best performance. Oscillator Frequency can be varied from 0 - 500KHz and Duty Cycle from 0 - 100%.

Using this product you can vary frequency, duty cycle, current of input supply and study its effects on the HHO gas production during your Water Fuel Cell research.

Pls note this product is meant for researchers. It may help you with experimenting different HHO generator configurations. 

This product maynot be suitable for using on a running car.


• Input : 12VDC

• Output : 12VDC, 10 Amp max. 

• Freq : Variable from 0 to 500 KHz. (Oscillator) max.

• Duty Cycle : 0 - 100%

• Dual Frequency

• Gating : Selectable


• Fuse Protected against over current >10 A.

• Protected against back EMF.

• Has in-built Fan and Heat-sink to protect circuit.

This device is unique since it can be used as variable frequency / variable duty cycle PWM and it turns into dual frequency (one frequency pulse imposed on another frequency pulse train) PWM easily. Both Voltage and Current is pulsed.



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