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Hydroxy Dry Cell for Cars
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Drive Green Kit for small Cars

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Drive Green Kit for upto 2000cc Car which runs on Petrol or Diesel. 

Hydrogen co-fueled Drive Green retrofitting Car kit product for Gasoline and Diesel run car engine upto 2000cc. It reduces emissions and saves fuel, 


Drive Green Kit for upto 2000cc Car which runs on Petrol or Diesel. 

Hydrogen produced from electrolysis of water has some very interesting characteristics.

- It has a very high flame-speed compared to Gasoline/ Diesel.

- It burns at very high temperature compared to Gasoline/ Diesel.

So when it is mixed in small proportion with Gasoline/ Diesel and burnt in a car's engine, the burning (combustion) of the fuel takes place uniformly and we see less unburnt fuel residues in the form of emissions. In due course of time, the carbon deposited on the inside walls of the engine also gets removed, hence the friction at the movement of the piston is reduced resulting in lesser vibrations and smoother engine performance.

Main benefits are: 

1. Better Fuel Efficiency means lower fuel consumption,

2. Significant Reduction in emissions

3. Extended engine life

4. Increased torque -stronger, smoother acceleration

5. Cleaner oil resulting from less carbon deposited in the engine. 

Pl note that we are neither replacing Gasoline or Diesel nor using Hydrogen as fuel. We use small quantity of Hydrogen and Oxygen mixture which acts as efficiency enhancer of the combustion.

Although, NASA used it years ago and many researchers around the world are using Hydrogen in one or the other way, main challenge is producing more Hydrogen with as less electrical energy.

We offer this product based on our years of research experience, infact since 2007, and claim to build a system which is balanced in design, footprint, performance, efficiency, user-friendliness, etc.