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HYDROXY brand Wet Cell for Cars
  • HYDROXY brand Wet Cell for Cars

HHO Wet Cell for Car, Bus, Truck, Tractor

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HHO Wet Cell Kit Car, Bus, Truck, Tractor. Saves fuel and reduces emissions.

HHO Cell - 31 Plates


"HYDROXY" brand of HHO Wet Cell - 41 Plates generates 120 LPH Hydroxy gas.

HHO (Hydroxy gas) offers several major benefits like better fuel efficiency, lesser emissions, longer engine life and more power depending on the end use.  

When used in IC Engine of vehicles, the mixture of fuel and HHO burns more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and the amount of emission gases released in the air. Whereas for heating applications, it may also replace the fossil fuel completely making the combustion 100% carbon-free. 


Wet Cell design.

Input: 12VDC ( customizable to 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC)*

Plate Size: 100mm x 100mm 

Plate Qty. :  55 nos (can be configured to 41 plates)

Cell Size: 150 cms x 250 cms x 350 cms

Cell Enclosure : PP

Gas Output : upto 120 LPH.

Application :

This cell can be used on Car, Bus, Truck, Tractor and Power generator with engine size upto 8000cc.