Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector
  • Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector

Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector

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Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector


Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector is an intrinsically safe explosion-proof type on-line hydrogen leak monitoring product specially developed for hydrogen-cooled generator of the power station. This product is a standard 4 – 20mA transmitter of two-wire system, which transforms hydrogen content into current signal and output it to the dedicated control device. The detecting unit is a smart sensor module (RDS-H2) integrating complete calibration information, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. The product housing is processed and made by die casting aluminum alloys, with beautiful appearance and firm structure, which can adapt to most of the bad environment.

Performance Gas detected Hydrogen (H2) Detection principle Electrochemistry Sampling method Natural diffusion Measurement scope 0 – 4%(0 – 100%LEL) Accuracy ±2%F.S. Repeatability 2% Response time T90<60s Electrical characteristics Power supply 24±3VDC Output signal Two-wire system 4-20mA Structural characteristics Connecting thread ZG3/4″ Weight 0.49Kg Certification Explosionproof certification ExiaIICT4 Ga Electrical service environment Protection level IP65 Temperature range -20℃ – 50℃ Humidity range 10 – 95%RH (without condensation) Range of pressure 86 -106KPa

NA1000D II