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'Aquawelder' Water fueled welding and brazing machine
  • 'Aquawelder' Water fueled welding and brazing machine

Aquawelder - welding and brazing machine

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"AquaWelder" range of Welding Machine based on Water Fuel Cell offers unique benefits over conventional welding and brazing technologies currently in use. This machine is suitable for working on 5mm thick MS sheetand equivalent materials.

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AquaWelder Welding Torch runs on water and electricity only!

It produces a stable hydrogen-oxygen gas, with many unique properties. The generator provides a superior gas flame at temperature ~ 2000C suitable for most conventional welding, brazing, soldering and metal cutting operations. 

Benefits -

It is less expensive than acetylene gas.

HHO Gas is light and dissipates rapidly into the atmosphere compared to acetylene, which is dense and seeks ground level.

HHO Gas produces zero pollution when burning, while hydrocarbon-based fuel gases pollute the environment.

AquaWelder can be used for exotic cutting, brazing, and fusing applications and offer superior performance over conventional methods and processes. 

Energy directed, not dispersed – Implosion Pinpoint flame cutting is precise and quick without slag, edge rollover.

It burns cleaner than fossil fuel and emits steam only. No toxic fumes and zero emissions of carbon based emissions.

On site production of HHO gas machine is powered on.

We have a range of products with capacities from jewellery to large scale industrial application.