Online Hydrogen Purity Analyser
  • Online Hydrogen Purity Analyser

Online Hydrogen Purity Analyser

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Hydrogen Purity Analyser (online)


ZA-2001 triple range thermal conductivity hydrogen purity analyzer (analyzer + sampling system) adopts sensors based on reliable and stable thermal conductivity principle developed by Honeywell (USA) to provide high sensitivity and accurate analysis on two-phase gases. It is designed for monitoring the hydrogen purity in the generator and gas purity during the gas replacement process in generators. It is widely used in power plant. Appointed auxiliary products in generator plant. Meet the need of gas detection during generators operation and gas replacement . A wide range of temperature compensation technology. Accurate sampling system. Unique automatic blowdown technology and safe bypass function. Explosion-proof sensing unit, reliable operation performance, quick response speed. Cabinet of installed analyzers and sampling system, convenient to calibration on-site.

ZA 2001