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Q. What is the HHO Generator Cell ?
A. It is an Electrolysis system for converting water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. Hydroxy Gas (also called HHO, Brown Gas and OxyHydrogen) when as a supplemental fuel for any internal combustion engine which uses gasoline or diesel, increases the efficiency of the combustion process deriving more energy and lesser harmful emissions. 

Q.What are the advantage of using Hydroxy gas as a supplemental fuel in an internal combustion engine ?

A.Advantages are many. 
1)   Complete and thorough combustion of the fossil fuel, resulting in increased MPG.2)   Substantially reduced unburned hydrocarbon emissions into the environment. 3)   Gives more horsepower.4)   Smoother engine performance due to more effective and consistent ignition.5)   Less wear and tear on moving engine parts due to improved firing pattern.6)   Increased power due to efficient combustion.7)   Fuel savings ranging from 50 to 200%* or better depending on the vehicle.8)   Easy to retrofit/ convert existing vehicles to HHO hybrid status.

Q. What type of routine maintenance is involved ?
A.Maintaining a required level of water is a must for best efficiency. You may also fill it with fresh water and electrolyte after draining and flushing it after 3-4 months.

Q. Should I use Distilled water or tap water ?
A.Distilled water is basically pure water. Other types of water like tap water, mineral water, pond water, sea water, etc., will work but they will also quickly cause the electrolyte to become “muddy” due to the minerals and impurities in the water. The muddy electrolyte will build up on the generator plates and act as an insulator causing HHO gas production to suffer. 

Q. How much gain in MPG shall I get on my vehicle ?
A.Fuel savings depend on several variables including the condition of individual engines and components, engine size, driving habits, proper tuning and so forth. It is really impossible to give an accurate fuel savings amount for any particular vehicle without knowing all the basic information. 

Q. My Car has a 3.0 liter engine. Will the system work for me ?
A.The short answer is yes. For actual MPG gain, you need to provide more details.  

Q. Is there any Tax Incentives to upgrade my vehicle to a Hydrogen Hybrid ?
A.The USA federal government and most state governments offer incentives for Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Pls. visit http://www.irs.gov/irb/2006-26_IRB/ar13.html+- for more details.Pls. also check with your accountant or tax advisor for more details. Buyers from other countries may inquire with the local Auto / Tax experts.

Q. Does installing HHO system affect product warranty on my new Car ?
A.According to  the Magnuson-Moss Warranty – Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act of 1975, aftermarket equipment which improves performance does not void a vehicle manufacturer's original warranty, unless the warranty clearly and conspicuously states that aftermarket equipment voids the warranty.
To find out if any aftermarket equipment automatically voids your vehicle's warranty, check the owner's manual. If you read something like "What Is Not Covered" it does not imply that the products would void the vehicle warranty. It simply mans the manufacturer does not cover the aftermarket products themselves. 

Q. I have an auto service center and am interested to sell HydroxyGarage HHO systems to my customers. How do I become a Distributor for my town ?
A.Pls write to sales@HydroxyGarage.com.  We would like to know more about your profile, capabilities, marketpotential, etc.. 

Q. How do I make Payment ?
A.We accept payment through PayPal and Bank Transfer. Use Shopping Cart to pay using PayPal. Pls. ask for Proforma Invoice for Bank/ Wire Transfer.
Q.What are the shipping options available ?
A.We generally ship by EMS. Shipping charges are Extra @ US$ 20 + US$ 12 per Kg. For large order, ask for an estimate from us.  
Q.Insurance against damage or loss during transit ?
A.Insurance can be arranged upon request.
Q.What is normal delivery Lead Time ?
A.Normally, smaller orders are shipped within 7 days of receipt of payment in our Bank A/c. or PayPal A/c. Products requiring custom specification or products which are under development/ modification or under manufacturing may have delivery lead time of upto 6 weeks. Pls. inquire with us before placing an order.


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