You can return your the product within 7 days of purchase for a full refund of purchase price* as long as the unit has NOT been installed, filled with electrolyte and/or been turned on and/or used in any manner. Taking apart or disassembling the hho generator or bubbler voids all warranties and refunds. If you have installed the kit in your car, you may NOT return it for any reason EXCEPT warranty repair- no refunds issued after installed in vehicle or used in any manner.

Your 7 day cycle begins when kit is delivered to your door, so make sure you open it immediately and check the packing list for any missing or broken parts and notify us immediately at if you find anything wrong upon opening the package. After 7 days the kit may no longer be returned except for warranty work or replacement only.

The installation kits and extra parts included including relays, switches, etc. are covered by their own mfg. warranties and are new direct to you. If there is a problem with any of these items, contact us immediately for replacement before installation on the vehicle. Once installed, we cannot return it to the mfg. and the item cannot be returned. We offer a 7 day return policy on broken or non functioning items that have been checked prior to installation.

Contact us immediately if you discover a broken item. We recommend doing an inspection upon receiving your kit and check to make sure there are no problems or broken parts.

*Shipping Costs are NOT refundable or reimbursed under any circumstances, unless we make a mistake on your order. There is a 15% restocking fee for any returned kit. Refunds are subject to our individual approval after the said 7 day period, and 3Wi Technologies reserves the right to deny refunds on any or all kits purchased after the 7 day period expires. 3Wi Technologies is under no obligation to accept returns after the 7 day grace period.



We typically use EMS and WorldNEt Express service for shipping, unless arranged or specified by the buyer well in advance. Once shipped (both overseas and domestically), all we can do is give a tracking number for you to check on package delivery schedule. If their tracking shows it is delivered or attempted delivery to you- you must contact them on behalf of the package- we cannot do it.

International orders: 3Wi Technologies does everything in its power to make sure packages are shipped to address provided at time of order. Sometimes the International orders are routed through various customs agencies, that require recipient to personally come down and claim the package. If your tracking number shows it is in customs- you will need to contact them and schedule a pickup- we are unable to do that on our end.
3Wi Technologies is not responsible for any Customs/Import taxes, fees, or duties which are the sole responsibility of the recipient of the package. Do not ask us to give false information on customs claims- we will not do it. 



After 7 days the kit may no longer be returned except for warranty work or replacement.
Every effort is made to construct quality Hydrogen Generators, Bubblers, Reservoirs and other items. The items are checked and tested before being packaged and shipped. We guarantee our hydrogen generators will operate as as efficient hho gas generators and will continue to work well as long as properly installed, maintained and flushed on a regular basis.

If you have installed the kit in your car, you may NOT return it for any reason EXCEPT warranty repair- no refunds issued after installed in vehicle or used in any manner.

If the generator is broken, leaks, or does not produce HHO gas, contact us for a replacement. We will fix or repair it for up to three years after purchase for the cost of shipping only. We do not accept returns based on mileage results because we have no control over the quality of the installation or the type of vehicle it is put into. Warranty does not cover breakage or damage caused by customer, installation or abuse. It is up to our discretion to prorate repairs if we decide that the unit was not installed properly or was damaged due to poor intalation or misuse/abuse of unit.

We do NOT accept returns based on customers perception or measurement of production level of hho gas. No returns are accepted by reason of production level, or measurement by customer, as we have no control over the parameters.

Hydrogen Generators must be maintained on a normal basis. If you notice a reduction in performance, this is not a defect or an indication it is broken. It simply indicates it is time to drain the electrolyte, flush it with clean water and refill with fresh distilled water and electrolyte - do NOT send it back until you have performed a maintenance cycle on it. Follow othe rmaintenance recommendations in the instruction manual to keep generator at optimum performance.



We offer a limited One Year WARRANTY on the Hydrogen Generators and Bubblers we make. If the unit does not produce gas, or has a manufacturing defect resulting in leaks or is a non-working unit (ie.- NO gas being produced), we will first attempt to repair it. If the unit cannot be repaired it will be replaced with a comparable new or reconditioned unit, at our discretion for up to one year of purchase.

If the unit has been disassembled, abused, placed too closely to hot engine parts (resulting in warped, broken, or distorted end plates or cell casings), or the unit is opened for any reason, this warranty is null and void and the unit will be returned as is, or you will be charged for any repairs made to fix the damage. This warranty does not cover auto accidents, theft, vandalism, or any damage as a result of weather or road conditions.

We do NOT warranty the additional parts and accessories we include in our kits- they are covered by their own manufacturers' warranty. If one of the parts is found missing or damaged upon initial inspection of your kit, notify us immediately and we will gladly replace it, however some of the accessories we provide in our kits cannot be returned once installed, therefore we cannot replace or warranty another manufacturers product such as the EFIE, or PWM once they have been used or installed.

If you suspect there is a problem Before installing it- email or call us for a replacement immediately. The part will be inspected and if determined it is a manufacturers defect, we will send it back to our supplier and send you a new one. Any evidence of solder melting  or parts burned due to over- current or over- voltage conditions constitutes misuse and will void the manufacturers warranty - we will not be able to send a free replacement.
Because we have no control over the concentration of electrolyte or the amount of current a customer puts into our hydrogen units, nor can we control the quality of the installation, we will not warranty against misuse or abuse including but not limited to; electrolyte strength/dilution, choice of electrolyte, over-current or non-regulated current that results in melting of the plastic caps, gaskets or body, over voltage (more than unit is designed for), customer modifications, and/or using the generator in a way it was not designed to be used. Poor quality or sub-standard installations are not covered in warranty.

We do NOT warranty or reimburse you for any modifications done to your vehicle as a result of the installation of our hydrogen generators, nor do we warrant any damage to said vehicle, engine, person(s), or property as a result of direct or indirect use of our generators whether installed in a vehicle or not. This is a do-it-yourself type product and as such we cannot control nor warranty the cost of installation or additional parts needed to install our units and/or accessories. If you hire a mechanic or friend to help you install it, it is at your own risk and will not be reimbursed by, or our parent company 3Wi Technologies.



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